The evolution of technology, of IT, the boundless strength of the internet and web, have given rise to new solutions that greatly improve productivity but also demand competent integration into business processes.

The concepts of the Internet of Things, Smart manufacturing and Factory 4.0 move us towards the digitalisation of information and business processes with the aim of improving and optimising produces, procedures, organisations and lifestyle.

To meet the demands of this historical revolution we offer our capabilities and our experience in the field to create identification systems and solutions based on technological innovation.


The MIDDLEWARE CONNECT platform facilitates the integration and exchange of data between identification components and the IoT using ERP, MES, WMS, PLM systems.
The PICK TO LIGHT systems with wireless or wired solutions help operators during picking operations, reducing execution times and errors in the picking process.
RFID technology is now fundamental to manufacturing processes in logistics and the identification of people and objects in motion, with fixed position systems, hand held devices or dedicated gates.
Connectivity, reliability, resilience and continuity of availability over time are essential requirements when choosing MOBILE COMPUTERs in industrial scenarios.
Augmented reality has become a recognised innovative technology, ready for use in logistics and maintenance management with the support of smart glass and tablets.
Thanks to the versatility of BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology, BEACONs can easily be used in IoT solutions and in indoor localisation applications with compatible peripheral devices and the Bluetooth 4.0+ communication protocol.
RTLS (Real Time Location System) systems can detect the real time position of vehicles, products and people ensuring traceability in processes even in closed environments, using diverse technologies according to the field of application and the requirements of the use case.
Developing from the experience of the Retail sector, the ESL LABEL (Electronic Shelf Label) can show and update information on a e-ink display in wireless mode, helping operators during the manufacturing process and in logistics.
The wireless NFC communication protocol is increasingly common in the implementation of electronic payment systems, smart sensors and for upgrading equipment firmware thanks to its compatibility with the most common Smartphones.
The introduction of BARCODE 2D coding has enabled the use of QRcode and Datamatrix applications, now widely used in the industrial market and in retail guaranteeing reliability when managing high volumes of data.