This solution enables the automated management of business assets via RFID technology making data available in real time and verifying the location of assets in any given moment.


The transponder (Tag)
The RF-ID tag is the physical support that identifies the goods to which it is applied, and holds their data. Each tag has its own univocal identification code imprinted by the manufacturer and a memory used to memorise the data of the asset of reference. Data can be updated at any time by the operator.

The hand held device
The hand held device. Il hand held device has a RFID antenna, which is needed to dialogue with the tag. Through the hand held device, it is possible to write information on the tag or read its content. Through the dedicated software application, it manages the passage of data between the tag and the server.

The server application
This application manages the maintenances installed on the dedicated server and dialogues with the business content management software. The data to be handled for each asset, such as maintenance, is loaded from the business content management software, reordered, updated with the application and finally memorised in the assets and sent back to the corporate CMS again.


  1. Database settings: definition of Location, Rental, Users, Suppliers, Maintenance
  2. Initialisation of new assets and positioning of assets in the structure
  3. Management of Reports on the status of the real estate properties, searches for data, structure, asset etc.


  • All inventory operations are automated
  • Increased survey accuracy
  • Reduction in corporate assets management costs
  • Optimization of human resources
  • Constantly monitored corporate assets overview, verification of roles and duties
  • Correct balance sheet status at any time
  • Automated maintenance management
  • Maintenance control
  • Immediate availability of data captured
  • Reduced use of printed materials


The various departments where a repair is to be performed can be managed by the application. It also manages ordinary and extraordinary maintenance operations.

Data is sent to the technicians hand held devices with all information, manuals and/or diagrams required.

Customised reports can be handled, allowing continual monitoring of the status of all equipment, potentially useful for dedicated recall campaigns or improvements to management procedures or to products.

Thanks to a dedicated schedule, the status of all programmed interventions is constantly updated and well organised.