Connect Industrial Middleware

The middleware platform for integrating identification components and the IoT.

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To improve tracking and data capture processes, as well as quality control in logistics and industrial manufacturing, it is essential to select the most suitable identification technologies to integrate with the functionality of the IT systems already in use.

To facilitate the integration of identification technologies with existing IT systems, FasThink has developed the CONNECT middleware platform. This platform can dialogue with the main globally operated programs for WMS (Warehouse Management System), ERP (business resource planning) and MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems). CONNECT reduces the time needed for integration as structural software modifications are not required, only an exchange of data with the IT systems in Web service, File system, MSMQ or DBMS mode.

Installation does not impact the existing IT systems, making no change to the electronic handling of management data, but at the same time, it ensures data swapping between identification components and technologies and the IoT for production management, tracking and logistics apps.

The CONNECT platform boasts numerous installations of reference within manufacturing and logistics processes, where it has given excellent results in improving productivity: FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobile), CNH Industrial, FPT (Fiat Power Train), Maserati, Fiocchi munizioni, Tyco Electronics, Geodis.

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